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CSV Page Upload

Summary: This Pope Tech guide covers how to upload a CSV file to append a website’s URI list.

The CSV upload can be used to:

  • Set the initial list of URLs for a site
  • Append an existing URL list

CSV file format:

  • The CSV file should only have two columns of data: Title and URL. Both columns must be there.
  • Page Titles are optional for the import. When the platform scans a page, it will add the HTML title that is on the target Web page.
  • Download CSV Demo File (recommended)

Uploading the CSV

  1. Navigate to the Websites page in the main menu and select the Actions button for the desired website
  2. One the Edit Website page, Locate the Pages Widget and select the Upload Pages.                                                                     
  3. Select the “Choose File” button and browse to choose your CSV file from your computer.
  4. Activate the “Save” button.

The page list will begin to upload. This is a short process that will take longer depending on the size of the page list being uploaded. Refreshing the pages list (refresh button) will update the interface with pages that have been uploaded since the last page load.

Other Details

  • Duplicate pages will be discarded.
  • Pages URLs cannot be edited once they are entered into the website. To edit a URL, delete the existing page and re-add it either manually or via .csv upload. The guide Advanced management of URI lists provides more information on Managing URLs and page lists.