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[Video Tutorial] Quick Start: Crawl and Scan


(For a transcript synchronized with the video, watch the Quick Start: Crawl and Scan video on Youtube with the transcripts open)

[Text: Quick Start: Crawl and Scan]

In this [Pope Tech] tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add a website, crawl it to add pages to it, and then scan the content for web accessibility.

The first step of this process is adding a new website to your account.

To do that, activate the website button in the main menu.

Select create new website. And enter the base URL.

In this tutorial, I’m going to use the [Pope Tech] blog.

You can enter a name (that’s optional).

You can also add notes about the website or select a group.

We’ll cover these features in other tutorials.

The crawler options are set to the default crawl options.

We’re going to change this default to be something larger and capture the whole website.

We are also going to change the depth.

These are all the crawler options that I need to modify to complete a basic crawl.

So, I’m going to save those options.

Now the website has been added to the account.

We can quickly confirm this by once again navigating to the websites pages on the main menu and seeing that the website is there.

There are no pages added to this account yet.

Adding pages to the account is the next step in the process.

After you’ve entered the basic/base URL for the account, you can add pages.

There are three methods of adding pages: Manually adding one page at a time; Uploading a CSV list of the different pages; Or, crawling the site.

Crawling is the most common method.

You can directly crawl the site by just hitting start.

Once the crawl has been initiated, you can monitor its progress here in the sidebar.

Right now it’s queued. So, we’ll give it some time to crawl these pages.

Alright, our crawl has been running for a little while. Let’s check on the status of it.

I’ll refresh this page. Now, we have 70 pages located. Success means the crawl has been completed.

Alright, it’s time to initiate the scan.

To initiate a scan: Go to accessibility, navigate there.

Click on scan. Select the website or the group you want scanned.

In this instance, we are just going to do the blog, the [Pope Tech] blog.

Selecting the scan button initiates the scan.

The scan has now been initiated and it’s entered the queue.

By refreshing, you can monitor the status of the scans.

It looks like our scan is finished.

I can now navigate to the dashboard and begin viewing the results and remediating any errors that I find.

[Text: End of Tutorial]