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[Video Guide] Q&A: How to Drill Down into Results

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Welcome to another Q&A; session with [Pope Tech]. We recently had a viewer ask, “How do I drill down into the results?”

So, as many of you know [Pope Tech’s] platform takes the WAVE engine and scan sitewide. So, instead of doing one page at a time you’re able to get your whole site in the platform. What I’m gonna show here is how to drill down from the dashboard results down into the actionable results where you can review what’s going on and make informed decisions on how to either remediate or dismiss the results.

So, the dashboard is composed of multiple widgets. And the Result Type widget, Most Common Issues, and the Scan Details widgets are all ones that can be drilled down into. The same six categories that you familiar with in the WAVE tool are right there in the Results Type. And you’re able to select one of them—the Errors, Alerts, Contrast, Structure, Feature, or ARIA—and drill down into them. Let’s go ahead and just select the Errors. And we activate that link there for that button. And we drill down into the errors.

If there are multiple errors on these websites it would list them here.
In this example, there’s only the one Error, the Missing Form Label, and so that is all that’s being shown here. By activating the Details Button I’m able to dig in deeper. The [Pope Tech] platform contains the same documentation that the WAVE tool has.

So for here—for Missing Form Labels—we’re able to activate the “How to fix it” link and pop open the documentation tray at the bottom. And the documentation tray provides information like “What it means,” “Why it matters,” “How to fix it,” more about what is being detected there in… in that test—and that’s “The Algorithm… In English”—and then also which WCAG 2.1 success criteria this test is being mapped on to.

So, “Missing Form Labels” maps on to these following four WCAG success criteria. These links here take you to further documentation on the WebAIM site and their WCAG checklist so you can get more documentation on how to meet the various components of WCAG.

That’s the documentation tray. I’m going to go activate the button to close it. Closing that out. Now we’re looking here, and remember we’re looking at Missing Form Labels—that’s the error we’re looking at—Missing Form Labels” and it’s going to show all the websites that have missing form labels. In this particular example, it’s only the one website with the missing form label.

So I’m going to activate the Details button and drill in deeper to see which pages on that website have the missing form labels. Now, the results are showing the pages that have the Missing Form Labels” on that website. From here we’re able to choose which actions we want to take as we further explore and work with these results. Here we go on the demo page.

We could {see a} pop up in the line of code and see {okay here’s} the line of code for the Missing Form Labels. If there are multiple missing form labels on this page it would show multiple buttons here as well too. And I could just navigate from one to the next one.

Many developers find just looking at the line of code here in the [Pope Tech] platform is sufficient for them to be able to resolve the issue. You can also, if you prefer the WAVE tool, activate the WAVE button which will open up the WAVE tool and allow you to see which page it was on.

Again by using the WAVE tool, as you’re probably familiar with, you’re able to identify, select the different, different details on the test, select the icon and see where it’s at. I often like turning on the “No Styles” so I can very easily see which item we’re talking about here.

And you can also pop open the line of [code] tray. And so this is drilling down into the results and I’m able to get the visual and see this is where the missing form label is, here’s the code and explore that. From the, from the platform’s dashboard—I’m back in the platform now—like I said you can drill down in the Results Type.

You can also drill down in Most Common Issues in that exact same way. And this is again Missing Form Label. It’s going to go by the errors. It just shows you there. If you’re going by alerts, in Most Common Issues, you’re able to see most common alerts and just pick one of the issues and again start drilling down into it.

The flow here–I just selected Possible Heading {missing}–the flow here is exactly the same as the flow I just showed you. So, I’m not going to dive into that one. But that’s how you drill down using either the Results Type or Most Common Issue. The scan detail presents the same results but it does it in a slightly different way.

So again, I’m on the first page of the dashboard here and we’re looking at the Scan Details and I’m able to drill down from there. But here, instead of going just generically by error, by category and error, [in] this one here, you can drill down by website.

So I’m going to select the [] website here and select the Details button. When I select the Details button, it now will provide me a similar look to what you saw in the dashboard. But it’s only for the one website, [] website, the two errors were on that. Again I could drill down this way into errors like we saw before. So, on the Errors, and on the Overview and the Most Common Issues. So, I’m just gonna forego that as it’s very similar.

Here now, because we’re in a website, it’s going to show us the page by page summary, including the six WAVE categories for each page. And so we have the URI for each page listed here as well. I can select one of the pages—that demo page again—and activate the Detail button. By activating the Detail button, I get an in platform summary of all of the six categories for that one page, that demo page. And I could choose to view all of them, which is the default, all the icons that were found or I could choose to look at one at a time.

For example, just the Errors, or just the Alerts, or just the Contrast and so on. Let’s go ahead and reactivate all. And so we can see by activating the all we’re able to see the first item here is that missing form label. Once again, I’m able to pop open the code and see where the issues are. Or I can kick out to the WAVE tool there and pop it open and investigate it that way. So the flow is very similar.

And that is how you drill down into the results. Once again we love hearing your feedback and questions the different [Pope Tech] users have. If you ever have any questions feel free to just submit an inquiry in the [Pope Tech] Platform. Give us some feedback.

Thanks for joining us on this video. Looking forward to chatting with you and having you on our platform