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[Video Guide] Generate and Email Accessibility Reports

For a transcript synchronized with the video, watch the video: Generate and Email Reports with transcripts open on YouTube.


Today we’re going to be talking about how to generate and email website accessibility reports. To access your reports, select the Accessibility sub-menu in your main menu and select Reports. Under the report criteria, you will have the option to select either a single website or a group of pre-configured websites, the format of your report (either PDF, HTML, or CSV file formats), and the report type (either summary or detail). Also, there are some region options if that’s turned on for your account.

In this scenario I’m going to select a group of pre-configured websites so that I get a good picture of all of the websites that are in our account. If you wish to get a report of the most recent scan then the “Starting on or before” field – leave that blank.  If you want a more historical report then select a date in the past and this will generate a report from that day or prior. To email a report, select users from your account that have been added into your account. You can do a single user or multiple and if you want to send this report to any users that aren’t in your Pope Tech account then go ahead and add them here. And this can also be sent to multiple. 

Once you’ve reviewed your report criteria, go ahead and activate the Create button. This will generate the report. Keep in mind, that the duration of this report generation is going to correlate with how many websites/web pages that the report is going to cover. If it’s a very massive website with tens of thousands of pages just keep that in mind that it will take a few minutes before that report gets generated.

Because in this instance, I know it’s not that big, then I’m going to select this refresh in the Past Reports widget and it will show that my report is already done and I can I can view it here.