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[Video Guide] How to Dismiss Results

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For a transcript synchronized with the video, watch the video: How to Dismiss Results with transcripts open on YouTube.


Errors, contrast errors, and alerts, can be dismissed in the Pope tech platform. Dismissing the result will drop the count down and archive that node of code so that in future scans that particular node of code for that page is not brought back in to the count again. Dismissing results can be done by drilling down into the results type or by the website scan details. In this example I’m going to drill down into the website and the scan details.

I do that by activating the details button which brings up the summary details for that website as well as the page by page summary. In the page by page summary there is a details button for each page. I’m going to activate the details button for the first page listed here. Activating the page detail button will bring up a summary of all the page results.

For example, on this page if we wanted to dismiss an empty button result, which currently has a count of three, I would activate the dismiss results button which brings up the dismissal tray. In the dismissal tray it’s going to show every node of code that is an empty button as that is the error that I selected for this page. What is different than the line of code tray is there is also a dismiss results button next to each line of code if I activated the dismiss results line of code button it will open up a pop-up window that allows me to provide a reason for the dismissal – and I can provide a reason such as “reviewed the button was not an error.”

Now this one likely is an error and I would probably even provide more documentation than just “Dismissed it because it wasn’t an error.” After providing the reason I activate the dismiss results button which will then save the dismissal and give a notification: “Result dismissed successfully” here in the bottom right hand corner of the page. After dismissing it, instead of having three items here in the dismiss code tray, there are now two and I can proceed with dismissing any other ones that need to be dismissed.

I could dismiss all of them the same time on this page by activating the dismissal button that is just right before the item’s heading and it is the same process just provide a reason why and save the dismissal. As indicated, dismissal drops the countdown immediately. So, before we had a count of three on the empty buttons, now we have a count of two. Similarly, if I go back to the dashboard the result type errors have dropped down from 42 to 41 In all future scans that note of code will continue to be ignored on that page and that dismissal will be there.