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[Video Guide] Managing Group Hierarchies and Adding Websites to Groups

For a transcript synchronized with the video, watch the video: Managing Group Hierarchies and Adding Websites to a Group with transcripts open on YouTube.


Managing the group hierarchies can be done by activating the Group button in the main menu. Once the Group button is activated it will bring up the Group hierarchy. In the group hierarchy, any of the groups or sub-groups can be expanded by activating the arrow next to a group or sub-group to be able to explore which sub-groups are currently under that group.

Adding a new group to the hierarchy is done by simply activating the New Group button, entering the name of the new group, and let’s just call this one “Client #5” – save that.

Because I did not assign it to a parent group, it placed it at the end of the hierarchy. To place it in the correct spot in the hierarchy, I can do that by either dragging and dropping it into the location I want it to be in and activating the save button – or alternatively, under the edit widget for that group, If that group is selected, I can then assign it activating the parent group field on the form and choosing which group I want it assigned to.

So, let’s say Client #5 was part of Team 2. I could select Team 2 from that drop-down list and activate the same Save button which will then move Client #5 under Team 2.

Once a group is added to the group hierarchy, websites need to be added to the group and users can also be assigned to the group as well.

In order to add a website to a particular group, that group must be activated in the group hierarchy. So, if I activated Client #3 it will show me the websites currently assigned to website #3. If I activate Client #5, the one that I just created, there are no websites currently assigned to it. I can assign a website to it either by linking an existing website in the platform to that client. So, I could move, for example, the Allycheck website under Client #5 and activate the Save button. Now the Allycheck website is saved under Client #5.

Alternatively, a website can be linked to a group through the edit website features. The edit website features are located by activating the Websites button in the main menu, selecting the website that you want to modify, or the same thing can occur if you are creating a new website – you have the same options. We’re just going to go into an existing website.

Under the existing website you will see the Edit Website button for the website that I just selected. Under here you’ll notice that in the website settings is the group field with a drop-down menu with all the existing groups in the platform.

And so, you can navigate around this drop-down, find the group that you want that website assigned to, and then activate the Save button.

And so, the WordPress site – is now going to be assigned to Client #4 when I activate that save button. And we could confirm this if we want by going back to the group hierarchy under the Groups menu and looking for that Client #4 which now has that assigned to them.