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[Video Guide] Managing Roles and Adding Users (Groups)

For a transcript synchronized with the video, watch the video: Managing Roles and Adding Users with transcripts open on YouTube.


Each Pope Tech account is allowed unlimited users. Every user is assigned to a group and given a role customized by the organization. If we activate the group button, all of the groups that an organization has will be listed there including all sub groups. When a user is assigned at the platform, they will be assigned to one of the groups or sub groups in the platform.

Whatever group or sub group they are assigned to they will receive access to any of the data for that group and any of its sub groups. For example, if a user were assigned to the corporate sites group here in the sample company, they would also have access to the employee portal which is a sub group nested under the corporate group sites.

Similarly, every user must be assigned a role. To view an organization’s roles, activate the user button and activate the roles button. The roles that are shown here besides the owner role have all been customized by the organization for their account. To customize a role, activate the add a role button. Like a lot of CMS’s, the organization then chooses what name they want to have for the role. And so we could choose one that is team lead and then choose which permissions that will be given to anyone assigned to the role team lead. This is done by simply checking the boxes next to the different permissions. The different permissions are linked to different buttons in the platform and different features that could be involved such as dismissing results. Once all the permissions that will be assigned to the team lead role have been selected, then the Save button is activated to create that role.

Now we can see there is a team lead role under the roles in the in the roles list. Adding a user is done once again under the Users button in the platform and selecting the list button. Selecting the Add a User button will open up be add a new user viewport. To add a new user, enter the name of the user. And let’s just call our user here a demo user. Enter their email address and we’ll just let’s say their email address is And again, every user must be assigned a role and assigned to a group. The row field contains a list of all of the roles that are possible for that user. We just created that team lead role so let’s assign our demo user to be the team lead.

Once again, the user must be assigned to a group so let’s go ahead and choose the marketing group for our demo user. So, our demo user is going to be the team lead for the marketing group and have access to all the permissions that the team lead would have in that role and be assigned to the marketing group and any subgroups inside of that. If I activate the Save button an email will be sent with the specific login link. And so, I’m going to activate that Save button and now that demo user is now listed in the platform as the with the team lead role to the marketing group.