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[Video Guide] Schedule a Scan

For a transcript synchronized with the video, watch the Schedule a Scan and Report with transcripts open on YouTube.


One of the most impactful features of Pope Tech is the option to schedule accessibility scans and their accompanying email accessibility reports. This is often done when an organization wants the scan to happen during non-peak business hours as well as a powerful tool in monitoring and addressing ongoing website accessibility needs.

To schedule a scan, navigate to the Schedule page in the Accessibility submenu in the main menu and select Schedule a Scan. Once you’re on the New Schedule page, you’ll have the options to select either a single website or a group of pre-configured websites, the option to select the frequency of the scheduled scan, (whether weekly, monthly or quarterly), and the option to select when the scan should begin. In this instance we will select a single website set it to go weekly and it will happen on the following Sunday so that our reports will be ready for our weekly Monday meeting.

A recommended additional option is to generate the report automatically upon scan completion. And this instance, we will leave the report settings to default. I will add in a couple of users to automatically email those reports to and activate the Save button. As you can see, we now have a scheduled scan for the website I selected, it’s going to happen weekly, The next scan is the desired date, and obviously it hasn’t happened yet so last scan is “Never”.

And that’s how you schedule a scan using Pope Tech.