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How to exclude Pope Tech user agents from Google Analytics

Organizations who wish to exclude Pope Tech web requests from their Google Analytics data can do this utilizing filters in their Google Analytics admin settings. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab
  2. Select Filters in the View column
  3. Select + Add Filter
  4. Enter a name in the Filter Name field, such as “Pope Tech Accessibility Scanning User-Agent”
  5. Select the Custom button
  6. Select the Exclude radio button for the Filter Type
  7. Select “Browser” in the Filter Field setting
  8. In the Filter Pattern field, enter the following string to match the custom User-Agent string: pope
  9. Click the Save button
Google analytics screenshot with filter pattern of pope excluded
Example of filter

That’s it!

Verifying Filter

If you wish to verify the filter before saving then this can be done in the same menu. Verifying your filter will only be useful in instances where Pope Tech scanners have had enough recent traffic on your site to verify against.

In a successful verification, there is a table with a Browser value of “PopeTech-ScanBot” with Sessions and Pageviews counts that have positive values in the Before filter applied columns and have 0 or null values in the After filter applied columns.