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How to Resolve Scanner Timeouts (ERR-006, ERR-999)

In some instances, you may run into timeout errors showing up on your scanning results. These errors are manifested when the Pope Tech Accessibility Scanners do not receive a response from the web page they are attempting to scan.

Pages Not Scanned Example

The three primary causes for timeout errors are:

  1. The web page is offline. The web page must be online before Pope Tech accessibility scanners can scan the page. Re-scan the page once it is online.
  2. The Pope Tech scanners are moving faster than the web server allows or can handle. This is most often the cause when subsequent scans are producing similar, but different results (each scan is able to successfully scan a similar number of pages, but different pages each time). To resolve this issue, reduce your Scan Rate Limit to a slower speed. To change your settings for the Scan Rate Limit, review the Knowledge base article on Scanner Settings.
  3. Scanning servers are being blocked or limited. Pope Tech uses an auto-scaling infrastructure with rotating IP addresses for our crawling and scanning servers. Because of this, we don’t default to a dedicated IP pool for these services and our IP ranges can potentially be anything in the AWS block. If you need a dedicated IP address we can provide your account with this for a fee. Most customers are able to whitelist scanning or crawling traffic using our unique user agents to do this:
    • Scanner User-agent: Pope Tech ScanBot (
    • Crawler User-agent: Pope Tech CrawlBot (