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Scanner Settings

Summary: The Scanner Settings will allow you to modify and save your accessibility scanner’s Viewport Width, Evaluation Delay, and your Scan Rate Limit.


Access Scan Settings

To access these settings:

  1. Select the Websites menu from the main menu
  2. Choose a website from your list of websites and select the actions button for that website
    Action Button Example
  3. Under the Website Settings widget, locate and select Scanner Options

Viewport Width (in pixels)

The Viewport Width setting will allow you modify the viewport size of the Pope Tech Accessibility Scanner.

Websites will often change how they are presented to the user depending on the user’s device and viewport size. Because viewport sizes change going from device to device (desktop, tablet, mobile), the accessibility of the website may also change.

It can sometimes be beneficial to test a website for each of the website’s configured viewport sizes, especially when different content is shown at different sizes. For most responsive websites you can test a few of the pages on mobile or tablet sizes and all of the pages on desktop (or vice versa if most of your users are using mobile).

Pope Tech Tip

In your dashboard you can set up separate websites with the same domain. Utilizing this feature you are able to change the scanner’s viewport settings on each so that you can schedule regular scans of your website using different viewport widths.

Evaluation Delay (in milliseconds)

Some web sites (or pages within the website) may take longer than normal to fully load JavaScript content. The most common scenario is Single Page Appplications (SPAs), where a lot of content is loaded after the pages loads. Increasing the Evaluation Delay will allow more time for a web page to completely load before its contents are scanned.

The default Evaluation Delay is 1000 milliseconds (1 second). This means the scanner waits 1 second after the page loads to evaluate the content. This can be increased or decreased depending on the website’s needs and capabilities. Evaluation Delay must be between 0 and 30,000 milliseconds (0 and 30 seconds).

Scan Rate Limit

The Scan Rate Limit will alter the speed (how many pages per minute) the website will be scanned at. The default Scan Rate Limit is 60 pages per minute. This can be sped up or slowed down depending on the needs and capabilities of the website being scanned.

Scan Rate Limit Example Settings

For websites that are receiving any time-out errors during accessibility scans, it is recommended that you slow down the Scan Rate Limit settings until the time-out errors are no longer present. For more information review How to Resolve Scanner Timeouts article.