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Popular family-friendly vacation spots

The first step to your getaway is figuring out where you want to go. Check out these family-friendly vacation spots.


Florida’s great if you want to play in the sun and visit exciting amusement parks.

Florida key west beach with palm trees

South Carolina

South Carolina’s beaches and charming towns offer an unforgettable trip.

Myrtle beach at sunset


California is a classic vacation spot where you can enjoy sports, beaches, amusement parks, and the outdoors.

Santa Monica beach with several dogs and the pier with a ferris wheel and roller coaster.

Things to pack you’ll most likely forget

Here are things you should pack for your warm getaway.

  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Beach toys
  • More than one swimsuit
  • Plastic bags for wet swimsuits
  • Lotion

Packing these items can help save money when you get to your destination. Click here for more packing ideas.

Tips for flying on an airplane

Here are tips for flying on an airplane:

  • Charge any kid devices before getting on the plane
  • Download movies for kids before turning on airplane mode
  • Pack snacks and drink lots of water

Have fun on your warm vacation!

Have fun on your warm vacation!