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November 2020 Release Notes

Pope Tech release notes for November 2020. Nov, 16 2020 – Canvas Accessibility Guide Update Documents and Videos With this update the Document section has been updated to be the “Documents and Videos” section. New results were added to detect YouTube Videos, Canvas embedded videos and Canvas embedded audio. These are all alerts that require…

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September 23 Update Notes

This update to the Pope Tech platform includes the following: Launch of Pope Tech API New testing results and improvements with WAVE update Dashboard optimization and group widget improvements New user invitation design updated to support co-branding Accessibility improvements Focus management improvements for keyboard users tab components improved keyboard and screen reader support Crawling engine…

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Installing the Instructor Accessibility Guide (Canvas)

For more information on the Instructor Accessibility Guide for Canvas, please review: Instructor Accessibility Guide It is recommended that the Instructor Accessibility Guide be first installed on a test instance that closely mirrors in function to the production Canvas instance. How to Install: Open and edit your existing theme: Using an admin account, login to…

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