Break/Fix Web Accessibility: Breaking The Cycle

Web Accessibility is often ignored until it becomes a crisis and something to fix but is best accomplished when it is part of your ongoing process.

Web Accessibility is public information

Users with disabilities already know where your accessibility issues are when they use your website. Do you?

Basketball play drawn on chalkboard

Web Accessibility Statements

An introduction to web accessibility statements and why they are important to have on each page of your website.

Gamifying Web Accessibility

Gamifying Web Accessibility

A look at a progressive methodology to gamify and improve your web accessibility.

When I was a kid, many of the action-based video games had lower-level goons that I had to first beat until I finally progressed far enough to reach the boss-villain.

Graph of errors over time starting at 750,000 and decreasing to 400,00

Consistency is the secret sauce of web accessibility

I recently noticed that one of our Pope Tech clients, a university, was able to resolve over 350,000 accessibility errors in less than two months

What was their secret?