Gamifying Web Accessibility

Gamifying Web Accessibility

A look at a progressive methodology to gamify and improve your web accessibility.

When I was a kid, many of the action-based video games had lower-level goons that I had to first beat until I finally progressed far enough to reach the boss-villain.

Graph of errors over time starting at 750,000 and decreasing to 400,00

Consistency is the secret sauce of web accessibility

I recently noticed that one of our Pope Tech clients, a university, was able to resolve over 350,000 accessibility errors in less than two months

What was their secret?

WAVE - Contrast Panel

WAVE Features: The Contrast Panel

Summary: This post is part of series that dives deeper into the WAVE tool’s features. The focus of this article takes a closer look at the Contrast Panel. Contrast Errors Inadequate color contrast is a violation of WCAG success criteria 1.4.3., “The visual presentation of text and images of text has a contrast ratio of…

Web of ambiguous links including click here and read more

“Click Here” to “Read More”: Why Ambiguous Links are Problematic

Summary: To review why ambiguous links like “Click Here” and “Read More” present problems for accessibility, usability, and SEO. What are Ambiguous Links? An ambiguous link is a link where its purpose cannot be determined by an examination of the link outside of its surrounding web content (its context). In other words, the link text…