Pope Tech Update Aug 31, 2018

August 31st, 2018 update release includes the following features/updates:

Feedback from Pope Tech’s Community implemented:

Other updates, flow fixes or bug fixes:

  • Update Users list screen
  • Accessibility updates
  • Update Angular/Bootstrap versions used in application
  • Group column on website list

Mass Archive, delete and move pages

The website archive, delete and move pages allows the ability to search by uri or page title and select all pages that match to archive, delete or move them to another website.

Archiving a page

Archiving a page will keep any past scan data and will prevent the crawler from finding that page on future crawls.

To do this search for the desired page by uri or page title and apply the filter. Pages can be selected 1 by 1 or you can select all pages that match the current filter. Once selected You can set the pages to be archived

Deleting a page

Deleting a page will permanently remove the page and delete all scan data for that page, future crawls will find this page.

Deleting a page is the same process as archiving, but select the red delete button instead of changing the status. Deleting requires double confirmation.

Moving a page

Moving a page will delete the scan data off of the current website and move the page to the selected website. You can only move a page to a website with the same hostname.

Moving a page is the same process as archiving, but select the grey move button instead of changing the status.

Table Update

As part of this update we found/forked an angular package that is actually a table rather than divs (shouldn’t be noteworthy, but it is). All tables in the platform will be updated to this package in the near future. Beyond being an actual table, the styling is slightly different and you can now refresh the data in the table, change the number of results viewed on each page and filter the columns show. Once we have gone through our WebAIM accessibility audit we will share the angular table package in its final accessible form.

Dashboard Update

The Dashboard update added an alerts filter to the Errors By Group widget. The alerts don’t show by default but can be toggled on and off in the widget settings.

Contrast Errors were added to the Issues Over Time Widget, with this change Alerts are hidden by default but can be toggled on in the Widgets setting similar to the Errors By Group widget.

All widget colors for Errors, Contrast Errors, and Alerts were standardized to be Red, Grey, and Orange respectively.

Group select on Website screen

When creating or editing a website you can view and edit the group the website is assigned to right from that screen. Pretty simple but makes life easier.

Update Users list screen

On the User list interface there are now columns for the user’s Role and Group they are assigned to. With this update the table was updated to the new table package similar to the Website table update.

Next up on the Roadmap

  • Accessibility of the app audit and update
  • Developer summary inside of the platform
  • Accessibility Tips