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Pope Tech Platform Features

Key Features

Powered by WAVE

  • All the information WAVE provides across your whole site
  • Separates data into 6 easy to understand categories: Errors, Alerts, Contrast errors, Structure, Features, and Aria. (The same categories that you are familiar with in WAVE.)

Fast and accurate web accessibility testing

  • Identifies:
    • Scannable WCAG 2.1 A or AA issues (Based on WAVE)
    • Contrast errors
    • Links to PDFs, Word Docs, Excel files
    • Embedded videos or links to videos
    • Skip links or suspicious alt tags
    • Plus much more

Customizable groups

  • Create any group structure to match your organization
  • Ability to nest and order groups
  • Assign users and websites to groups
  • Easy to use


  • Our platform is built with accessibility in mind. We are currently undergoing a full audit by WebAIM as accessibility is important to us.
  • Table view of all charts in the dashboard

Other Features

  • Crawl
    • Start the crawl on any page
    • Whitelist or blacklist directories
    • Customize crawl depth and number of pages to find
  • Enterprise or site-wide or group dashboard
    • Delivers information the way you want it. Take a quick high-level view on your global dashboard, or drill down to focus on details of specific pages.
    • Drill down to types of errors, sites, or specific pages in WAVE
    • Compare groups by frequency or density

  • Track progress over time
    • Track progress on any group or website.
    • Monitor alerts and errors as they decrease or increase
  • Granular permissions
  • Create custom roles with different permissions.
  • Assign users to roles and which group they can see
  • Fully supported
  • WAVE documentation embedded into the platform (What it means, how to fix it, WCAG 2.1 guidelines, etc.)
  • Easily see the line of code on the page where the identified issue (error, alter, feature, etc.) is located.
  • Automated scanning and reports
    • Set scan to happen weekly, monthly or quarterly.
    • Choose who received an automated report emailed to them
  • Email reports
  • Easily see most common errors and alerts
  • Sitelist CSV upload
  • Mass archive, delete and move pages
  • Unlimited rescanning
    • On-Demand scans
  • Unlimited users
  • Pricing is based on the number of unique pages to allow rescans as needed
  • Improving product. Pope Tech is responsive to customer feedback and needs. We want to improve web accessibility

Current guides and documentation: