July 31st 2019 Update

This update includes the following:

Customize email subject and message on report emails

Inside of the org settings view there is now a new tab called emails. Organization settings can be found in the main application menu for users with the role of “Owner”.

The subject for the report by default is “Pope Tech Report – [date]” but can be customized for your org. For example in the screenshot above we changed to the subject to be “Pope Tech Report – [entity] – [date]”. The Entity variable will list website or group of the report.

The message body of the email sent can be changes as well in the Report Email Body field. You can add line breaks to the message by simply hitting enter, these breaks will pass through to the email that is sent out.

Below this message there is always a set summary on each email of the following:

[list of websites or groups in the report]

Report initiated by: [user]

Pages: 8
Errors: 1
Alerts: 4
Contrast: 30

Most common error:
Missing form label – 1

Updated scan server user agent

The updated scanner user agent is:

Pope Tech ScanBot (https://pope.tech)

The updated crawler user agent is:

Pope Tech CrawlBot (https://pope.tech)

Pope Tech scanners are built on a scalable server infrastructure. This means that our IP addresses are constantly changing. This user agent can be used for removing Pope Tech traffic from analytics or potentially treating Pope Tech traffic differently on a firewall.