Nov 04, 2019 Update

We have updated Pope Tech to use the latest version of WAVE. To learn about some of the things we love about the WAVE interface update we have a post with some WAVE Tips.

The changes inside of Pope Tech are the following:

Change order of categories inside of dashboard

The Contrast Errors category has been moved to the top row next to the Errors category inside of the Overview widget on the dashboard. The Alerts category moved down below the Errors category.

This change was made to better reflect WAVE. Contrast Errors are known issues and Alerts, while suspicious in nature, may or may not be an issue.

Updated icons/documentation in platform to match WAVE

Old vs new WAVE Icons

All WAVE Icons throughout Pope Tech have been updated. This includes on the dashboard, scan details, result details, and code views. The What it means, Why it matters, How to fix it, Algorithm in English and WCAG Success criteria documentation has been updates as well.

Screenshot of updated icon and documentation

Change in categories and a few additional tests

  • The HTML5 regions have all been moved from the ARIA category to the Structure category. This includes the header, nav, main, aside, footer and search tags.
  • The Table Layout result has been moved from the Features category to the Alert category. This better encourages the disuse of layout tables.
  • A new alert has been created for pages that contain no regions. Regions are often used by screen reader users to navigate.
  • 8 new ARIA tests have been added:
    • Broken ARIA menu (Error) – An ARIA menu does not contain required menu items.
    • ARIA description (ARIA) – An aria-describedby attribute is present.
    • ARIA label (ARIA) – An aria-label or aria-labelledby attribute is present.
    • ARIA button (ARIA) – An element with role=”button” is present.
    • ARIA alert or live region – An ARIA alert role or live region is present.
    • ARIA menu (ARIA) – An ARIA menu is present.
    • ARIA hidden (ARIA) – Content is hidden with ARIA.
    • ARIA expanded (ARIA) – An aria-expanded attribute is present.
    • ARIA popup (ARIA) – An element triggers a popup menu, dialog, or other element.
  • The Server Image Map Error has been removed as these are generally non-existent on the modern web.