Using Pope Tech in Accessibility Statements

We have received questions if it is acceptable to include Pope Tech in an accessibility statement or other communication of accessibility efforts. This can be appropriate as long as it isn’t implied that Pope Tech ensures or provides web accessibility for your website in any way.

Pope Tech is an automated web accessibility reporting platform that cannot determine accessibility. Only a human can determine accessibility. Pope Tech does provide reports on accessibility errors and is a tool in your accessibility efforts. As such it can be appropriate to mention Pope Tech in an accessibility statement to highlight the accessibility efforts being taken. Your efforts and statement should include manual testing that goes beyond what an automated platform such as Pope Tech can detect.

When following these guidelines it is appropriate to mention Pope Tech and potentially use the Pope Tech logo.

Pope Tech Accessibility

For guidance on creating an accessibility statement please review the W3C guide and accessibility statement generator tool.

As part of our brands merging in the fall of 2019, we discourage the use of our previous brand Dinolytics in any form.