How do I make my website ADA compliant?

An introduction to ADA compliance for your website and why it is more productive to focus on accessibility over compliance.

2 Web Accessibility Myths and The Truth

As more organizations are becoming aware of web accessibility there are 2 web accessibility myths that are increasingly thrown around. Both of these myths lead to less accessible websites.

Creating an Organizational Accessibility Strategy

You might be wondering where to get started with web accessibility for your organization. Mapping out an accessibility strategy can be a great starting point. This article is a practical approach to thinking about organizational web accessibility.

Empty form label icon

Empty form label – example

Summary: Real world example of the Empty form label Error. You can review what this means technically and the impact inside of our Results dictionary. Today I am only looking at this from the perspective of a Empty form label Error found on a higher ed website from our Higher Ed in 4k project. Example…