Ablr Humanity + Technology

Pope Tech is excited to be working with Ablr as one of our agency partners.

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Ablr will be leveraging the power of the Pope Tech scanning platform to assist them and their clients in audits, training, and consultations.

Ablr’s Humanity + Technology approach is a very powerful model to approaching web accessibility.

Ablr is a Digital Accessibility and Inclusion company that was founded on the key principle that all digital content, including websites, videos, applications, are accessible for everyone, no exception.  Ablr offers the optimal blend of technology + humanity. And it truly requires this combination in order to meet 100% compliance. Our team of analysts ensure your content and digital assets adhere to the federal requirements of ADA, Section 508 and WCAG. In addition to confirming compliance, our testers who are visually impaired can ensure your digital content is actually usable for people with disabilities – something technology alone hasn’t mastered.


Ablr is powered by the largest employer of people who are blind in America.

Not only does Ablr employ people with disabilities as part of the auditing process, but they are actively involved working with other non-profits organizations to train and empower persons with disabilities to evaluate websites.

“When looking for an automated testing solution, it was important that we found one that was not only accessible, but also usable for our analysts who use assistive technologies. With Pope Tech, not only did we find this, but we also got a product that was top notch in identifying potential accessibility issues for our clients.“

John Samuel – Co-Founder/CEO, Ablr

If you are interested in learning about the great work Ablr is doing, or if you are in need of auditing or consulting services, check them out.

Services that Ablr provides include the following:

  • Accessibility Audit & Report (The Audit includes a combination of automated testing and manual/human testing.)
  • Accessibility Training
  • Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) or often called a VPAT
  • Ongoing Monitoring using Pope Tech and human insights
  • User Experience/Usability Testing
  • Accessibility Office Hours
  • Disability Inclusion Program for hiring

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