Missing alternative text example content

The image below is missing alternative text. Run the WAVE extension to see the missing alternative text error. The image below has alternative text. Run the WAVE extension to see the alternative text feature.

Alternative text (alt text)

Review all image-related WAVE accessibility results. Missing alternative text is a common accessibility error, so let’s learn: What alternative text is Why it matters The three types of images when it comes to alternative text When to have an empty alt attribute How to write great alternative text Rather watch the video? Watch our alternative…

Fix an empty link error

For more information about how to fix empty link errors, examples, and related resources, visit our resolving empty link errors article. Activity steps In the content below, there is an empty link error. You’ll use the WAVE tool to find the error and the Inspect tool to fix it. If you have empty link errors…

6 Benefits of Automated Testing

Manual testing is required but automated testing can make your life easier. A look at 6 benefits of automated testing.