Website Accessibility Reporting

Summary:  This guide covers how to initiate a report for your latest accessibility scan results. Scan results can be conveyed by means of Dashboard Reporting or by emailing and/or downloading email, HTML, CSV, or PDF reports. For information on different formats, types, and features of reports, please review Accessibility Reporting: Formats and Types. Dashboard reporting Our…

How to Scan a Website or Group

Summary: This guide covers how to scan the “Active” pages in a website or group.  Scans can be done on demand or they can be scheduled.

Managing Pages – Advanced

Summary: This guide reviews some of the advanced features that can be used to modify the URIs on a websites URI list. The URI list management tools provide authorized users with the ability to archive, delete, export a CSV of the URI list,  move pages, and otherwise view and managing the URI list.

How to Add Websites

Summary: This guide covers how to add a new website to an account. It also includes a description of three different methods that can be used to add URIs to a website’s URI list (pages to be scanned).

WAVE - Contrast Panel

WAVE Features: The Contrast Panel

Summary: This post is part of series that dives deeper into the WAVE tool’s features. The focus of this article takes a closer look at the Contrast Panel. Contrast Errors Inadequate color contrast is a violation of WCAG success criteria 1.4.3., “The visual presentation of text and images of text has a contrast ratio of…