Canvas accessibility admin settings

In this article, learn what the different admin settings are and how to navigate to admin settings, enable current and new courses, and complete a full sync on single and multiple courses to fix issues.

  1. Navigate to admin settings
  2. Dashboard Settings
  3. Accessibility Guide Settings
  4. Enable courses
  5. Full sync courses

If you’re a Canvas Admin, navigate to Pope Tech’s accessibility admin settings by following these steps:

  1. In Canvas’s Global Navigation, select Admin, and then the account.
  2. In the Admin Navigation Menu, select Pope Tech Accessibility.
  3. In Pope Tech’s top navigation, select Settings.

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Dashboard Settings

After saving your settings, you’ll need to log out and back in for the changes to show.

Dashboard settings widget

Automatically enable new courses?

Selecting this means all newly added courses will automatically be enabled, or synced and scanned. It also means existing courses that are edited are automatically synced and scanned.

Separate document and video results from content results in dashboard and reports?

Selecting this will remove document and video results from reports and everywhere in the dashboard except the documents widget.

Enable accessibility column?

Selecting this adds an accessibility column to instructors’ course and page lists. The accessibility column reports the number of accessibility issues.

Allow instructors to enable courses?

If a course hasn’t been enabled yet, the instructor can’t access their course accessibility data. Selecting this lets the instructor enable their course so it’s scanned, and they can review their accessibility data.

Default Dashboard Term

Selecting a default term filters the Admin dashboard and My dashboard to that term. Users can adjust the term in their dashboards using the term filter.

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Accessibility Guide Settings

After saving your settings, you’ll need to log out and back in for the changes to show.

Support Emails and Enable email form?

Selecting Yes for Enable email form turns on a form in the Accessibility Guide that users can submit for help. The Support Emails field is the email(s) form submissions go to.

For example, if I have Yes selected for Enable email form submission and the Support Email is sherri.bluff@university.edu, then the user can access the email form when they select the Help icon. The email will go to sherri.bluff@university.edu.

Hide Canvas Accessibility Button?

Selecting Yes hides Canvas’s built-in accessibility checker option.

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Enable courses

Data will show in the dashboard once course(s) are enabled.

Changing a course from disabled to enabled means:

  • The course is scanned and continues to be scanned every time it’s updated.
  • Instructors have the Pope Tech Accessibility item in their course navigation and that course is included in their instructor dashboards.

If the course is already enabled, enabling it again won’t do anything. The course should be scanned whenever it’s updated. If you’re trying to rescan because of an issue, scroll down to Full Sync below.

Enable current courses

To enable a current course, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Filters to find the courses you want to enable.
  2. Select the checkmark by the course or select the checkmark above the column to select all the courses.
  3. Select Enable.

Enable all new courses

To automatically enable all new courses, select the Automatically enable new courses? checkbox in the Settings widget, and then select Save.

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Full sync courses

Full sync is similar to enabling a course because it also syncs and scans the course(s). The difference is if the course is already enabled, Full Sync still runs a sync and scan. Afterward, the course keeps being synced and scanned when there are updates.

A full sync is helpful in these situations:

  • There is an error in the Latest Scan or Latest Sync columns.
  • You notice missing or incorrect data in the dashboard.

Full sync individual or multiple courses

To do a full sync to one or multiple courses, complete these steps:

  1. In Settings, Use the Filter widget to find the courses to Full Sync.
  2. Select the checkmark by the course or select the checkmark above the column to select all the courses.
  3. Select Full Sync.

Full sync of all courses

Other scans won’t start until after the full sync is done. If you have a lot of courses, consider starting at the beginning of a weekend, so other scans aren’t disrupted.

To do a full sync of all courses, follow these steps:

  1. In Settings, select the Select all rows checkbox in the Available Courses widget.
  2. Select the button Select all courses with the selected criteria.
  3. Select Full Sync.

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