screenshot of inspect with WAVE functionality in Pope tech

May 2021 Release Notes

Pope Tech release notes for May 2021 including new Inspect feature.

Ablr Humanity + Technology

Pope Tech is excited to be working with Ablr as one of our agency partners.

Ablr will be leveraging the power of the Pope Tech scanning platform.

Troubleshooting Installation: Instructor Accessibility Guide for Canvas

If you have installed the Pope Tech Instructor Accessibility Guide, but are missing the Pope Tech button on supported pages (or are receiving reports of a missing button), below is a list of troubleshooting steps to review to resolve the issue (these steps should be done at the user level and not as an admin…

Screenshot of starting a recurring scan with a start time

March 2021 Release notes

Pope Tech release notes for March 2021 including scheduling scan start times and automatic url clean up on scans.