Ablr Humanity + Technology

Pope Tech is excited to be working with Ablr as one of our agency partners.

Ablr will be leveraging the power of the Pope Tech scanning platform.

Troubleshooting Installation: Instructor Accessibility Guide for Canvas

If you have installed the Pope Tech Instructor Accessibility Guide, but are missing the Pope Tech button on supported pages (or are receiving reports of a missing button), below is a list of troubleshooting steps to review to resolve the issue (these steps should be done at the user level and not as an admin…

Screenshot of starting a recurring scan with a start time

March 2021 Release notes

Pope Tech release notes for March 2021 including scheduling scan start times and automatic url clean up on scans.

Pope Tech API

With the Pope Tech API you can build custom integrations with Pope Tech. The Pope Tech Platform is an API first application, meaning that all functions within the platform already use the API. Setup The API is an account level setting, if you are an account admin and don’t have the “Manage Personal Access Keys”…